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is it okay to eat before going to bed? the pros & cons

It’s nearly bedtime, but you want…a little something. Should you give in to the feeling and head to the kitchen for a snack? Or will it wreck your chances of a good night’s sleep? Conventional wisdom says that you should stop eating by early evening, and definitely not snack right before bed. But that advice… Read more »

how to get more energy naturally: the 4 best ways

“If only I had less energy, I could zone out during an important meeting at work.” Said. No. One. Ever. The fact is, energy is something most of us want—and need—more of. Many people are swamped with the responsibilities of family, work, and other commitments, and the hectic pace of modern life zaps our energy… Read more »

how long should i nap?
depends on your sleep type

Think back to when school involved puzzles, Play-Doh, and show and tell, when after gobbling a PB&J and running around the schoolyard, you were handed a blanket, and your teacher turned out the lights so the whole class could settle in for a nice afternoon nap. Ahhh … Well, naptime doesn’t need to end in… Read more »