Who doesn’t want to up their wellness ante? Who doesn’t want to have the chance to discover how high is up? What would you say if you were told you could have more nights of blissful sleep, more energy that keeps you centered, and a more powerful immune system to support your body’s healing? All of this was the inspiration for RECHARGE HEALTH™. And that’s why we decided to focus our blog for health and wellness on four areas that we believe are essential to your overall health: sleep, energy, gut health and inflammation.

Our blog is for people who are informed about their health already, but want to learn even more. We vet what we publish on our blog with doctors, just like RECHARGE HEALTH carefully sources every ingredient that goes into our supplements. Even better? Our posts include tips you can start using in your life today. Let us know what you think at [email protected]. And if you have a health question on any of the four topics that you don’t see covered on the blog already, let us know that, too—we’ll try answer it in a future post.

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is it okay to eat before going to bed? the pros & cons

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It’s nearly bedtime, but you want…a little something. Should you give in to the feeling and head to the kitchen for a snack? Or will it wreck your chances of a good night’s sleep? Conventional wisdom says that you should stop eating by early evening, and definitely not snack right before bed. But that advice… Read more »

how long should i nap?
depends on your sleep type

Featured — sleep

Think back to when school involved puzzles, Play-Doh, and show and tell, when after gobbling a PB&J and running around the schoolyard, you were handed a blanket, and your teacher turned out the lights so the whole class could settle in for a nice afternoon nap. Ahhh … Well, naptime doesn’t need to end in… Read more »

how to get more energy naturally: the 4 best ways

Featured — energy

“If only I had less energy, I could zone out during an important meeting at work.” Said. No. One. Ever. The fact is, energy is something most of us want—and need—more of. Many people are swamped with the responsibilities of family, work, and other commitments, and the hectic pace of modern life zaps our energy… Read more »

turmeric: a natural solution anti-inflammatory miracle

Featured — turmeric

When you hear the phrase “chronic pain” you might imagine an elderly person doubled over in agony. But chronic pain describes such common all-ages situations as persistent lower back pain, a “bad shoulder,” or even achy feet, as well as conditions like arthritis and autoimmune disorders. Chronic pain affects millions of people in the U.S.… Read more »

types of probiotics and why they’re great for you

Featured — probiotic & prebiotic

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about the various types of probiotics lately. These supplements and foods contain live cultures of certain beneficial bacteria. When you take probiotics, the bacteria pass through your upper digestive tract into your gut. More and more studies are being done on the effects that the bacteria that live in… Read more »

Want obsession-free sleep? Check out the sleep section of the blog for tips on how to get night after night of delicious, rejuvenating slumber.

Need a boost of energy to get you through the day, but you don’t want to rely on caffeine? The energy section of our blog will give you natural, healthy ways you can feel totally re-energized. Follow our tips—you’ll be amazed by your energy potential.

You’ve probably heard people talking about probiotics everywhere. How many people do you know who have been working “fermented’’ foods like kefir and kombucha into their diets? Want to know what’s in these foods that can actually keep your gut (a.k.a. “microbiome”) and your entire body healthy? Check out our section on probiotics and prebiotics for gut health.

We call it Mother Nature’s Power Healer—Turmeric. Check out the turmeric section of our blog for health and wellness to learn more about this natural spice, which is filled with phytonutrients such as curcuminoids and has been used for centuries. Turmeric is believed to have amazing anti-inflammatory capabilities to relieve swelling and pain.

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You are totally rechargeable and here is a little help. RECHARGE HEALTH offers an easy way to up your wellness ante and recharge your potential for feeling your healthy best. With RECHARGE HEALTH you can enjoy healthful, obsession-free sleep. Pure, centered energy to last the day. Bold anti-inflammatory powers. Enviable digestion and gut health. And yes, you want your good health to show, to be both strong and beautiful. RECHARGE HEALTH is here to help.

All RECHARGE HEALTH supplements are made from whole-foods, natural herbs and medical plants. We believe in each and every one of our products. Our ingredients are tested for safety, quality and consistency. If you are not happy, we will take them back.