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is it okay to eat before going to bed? the pros & cons

It’s nearly bedtime, but you want…a little something. Should you give in to the feeling and head to the kitchen for a snack? Or will it wreck your chances of a good night’s sleep? Conventional wisdom says that you should stop eating by early evening, and definitely not snack right before bed. But that advice… Read more »

what are the 5 stages of sleep and how do they benefit us?

We all need sleep. It is an essential human function that helps our body self-regulate, regenerate and restore. It helps keep diseases at bay, reduces stress levels and keeps your brain functioning at top capacity. Plus, it just feels good. But while sleep is a natural phase of daily life, its surprisingly complex. Over the… Read more »

13 secrets to calm and relax your mind

Got a lot on your mind? Same. A racing mind does us no favors. While your brain is busy creating a mental grocery list, rearranging your schedule to accommodate a last-minute to-do, and troubleshooting a particularly thorny work issue, it can be impossible to focus on the mo- ment you’re in now. Forget trying to… Read more »

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